Quinn & Co.

As a minority and women-owned communications consultancy, Quinn & Co. delivers authentic, powerful storytelling and empowers women-owned brands to connect with their consumers. We worked with Quinn & Co. to create a visual identity that represents their values and a brand strategy that highlights their commitment to socially conscious PR and marketing.


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Quinn & Co. primary logo design

Brand strategy

We worked closely with Quinn & Co. to define their brand personality, mission and values as well as their target audience. Together, these defining elements comprise the foundation of the visual identity.

Mobile web comp for Quinn & Co.
Quinn & Co. brand attributes: polished, creative, grounded, trusted, accessible
Quinn & Co. brand values: authenticity, commitment and integrity
Quinn & Co. business card design


The visual identity is inspired by concepts of wellness and communication. The logomark is clean and airy and comes in three variations that offer versatility across applications of different sizes. Lines burst from the Q to represent growth, amplification and creativity. These lines are carried throughout other branding elements to create emphasis and convey ideation.

Quinn & Co.'s primary logo
Secondary logo design for Quinn & Co.
Simplified logo for Quinn & Co.
Landing page design for Quinn & Co.

Visual language

Quinn and Co.’s color palette combines earth tones that feel soft and human with desaturated blues that feel grounded and trustworthy. The official typeface, TT Norms Pro, is contemporary, geometric and suitable for a wide range of both print and digital applications. As body copy it is clear and readable. As a headline it is light and welcoming.

Inspired by the shapes of the logo, we created an illustration style and icon set that represent Quinn and Co.’s services. The tail of the logo’s Q can be used as a decorative text divider. These elements can be used to break up text and lead the eye around layouts.

Color palette for Quinn & Co.
Quinn & Co.'s mission is to amplify the stories of socially conscious brands that promote wellness, individual empowerment and personal growth.
Illustration design for Quinn & Co. branding
Iconography design for Quinn & Co.
Graphic element for Quinn & Co. branding

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